Alyson Hallett

Walking Stumbling Limping Falling

Available to buy from Triarchy Press.

Co-written with walking artist and writer Phil Smith, this book is published by Triarchy Press. It explores cultural perceptions and personal values associated with walking, personal anecdotes, philosophical reflection, practices for daily-life and an alphabet of falling.

What an unusual book! I liked it three ways: as a general reader and observer for  taking on something so basic, so visible,  so ‘ordinary’,  as walking, that we have mostly just  stopped noticing it, and then making such a fascinating job of it; as an intellectual for its mastery of the earlier  academic work on the technology of the body;
as a human being for its personal, blow-by-blow(!) and readable account. Highly recommended to anyone interested in human behaviour or their own experience.

Professor Ruth Finnegan, Open University‚Äč