Alyson Hallett

Geographical Intimacy

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Originally written as research for a PhD, Geographical Intimacy is an easy to read book that explores how we can live on Earth with an open and generous heart. Drawing upon the work of poets from different continents, physicists, anthropologists, geologists, artists and geographers, this book is a kaleidoscopic exploration of poetry and place.

Geographical Intimacy is a pleasure to read, both for Alyson Hallett’s appreciation of what poetry is and does and for the directness and clarity with which she addresses a difficult topic ? what is it to be a poet engaged with place. There is a broad range of poetry referenced, from Kathleen Jamie to Kathleen Raine, Octavio Paz to Jeremy Hooker and many more. Above all the book left me with a much clearer sense of the challenges of writing poetry, and so a better appreciation of what, as a result, it is that poets actually do for us. The best recommendation I can give is that as soon as I’d finished the book the first thing I did was order a second copy to send to a poet friend!

Amazon reviewer