Alyson Hallett

The Stone Library

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The Stone Library is Alyson Hallett’s first full volume.

And love will come

And love will come,
never mind this morning’s sun
sifting through leaves to plant itself
in patches on the ground,
never mind the phone ringing,
the steaming cup of tea on the kitchen table –

Your whole life a stable of measured
this and that, the bric-a-brac
of days lived with terror. Love
will come; an evening decked
with stars, cars, this burning lamp
as you undress for bed suddenly shaken
like earth at the point of a fault –

Love will come and you will stand
in this stark moment, half-naked,
a tremble of rakish and ghostly monks
in the corner muttering yes,
it is already written, everything done
must also be undone.